How to get better at archery

Archery is a sport that requires a lot of practice and skill. It requires good concentration, aim and a perfect eyesight. If you want to become an expert in archery, you must to undergo rigorous training and prolonged practice sessions. Without the help of an instructor it becomes really difficult to learn the art of archery. The basic skills required for archery are discussed here.


The first step in getting better at archery is to join a club where archery is taught by a well-trained trainer. After joining the club, choose the right bow under the guidance of a trainer. The weight and size of the bow plays an important role in archery, therefore it is very important you choose the right one to suit weight and grip wise.


One of the basic skills required for archery is ability to hold the bow steadily in the hand. The ability to judge the path of the arrow requires some experience and practice which will be gained only after undergoing rigorous training. Next, visualize your target. By visualizing the target, actually you are putting all the concentration on the target. Imagine the arrow hitting the target at the correct place. By visualizing in this manner, you will relax your muscles and be able to shoot the arrow correctly.


Once you are done with correctly visualizing the arrow hitting the target, the next step is to make sure that the pressure applied on both the hands is the same. When firing the arrow, do not forget about the hand that is holding the bow. When you apply proper pressure on both the hands, it avoids jerking. If jerking is not controlled, the bow will miss the target. When you apply force equally on both the hands, the position of your body must be perfectly placed so that the arrow moves smoothly and accurately from your bow.


A good archer is one who understands the strength and weakness of his body. Once your body starts to get weak you should call it quits. The target can be achieved only when the body is fit and has the strength to hold the bow.


Another important skill that is required for getting better results in archery is to set your mind to believe that each shot is your last shot. If you think there is another chance, then the focus will be lost and the chances of missing the target will be more. Therefore, always get set with the correct frame of mind.


Proper training is very important in archery. If you are determined to be a professionally competent archer, then make sure the practice environment is similar to the competition environment. Archery is a mental sport and participating in a competition whose environment is completely different from your training environment will create a different mindset. While training, always think that you are actually participating in a competition; this will help you to focus more and also helps in the actual competition.

Archery is not like other sports. It requires more concentration and a clear mindset. Be calm and confident and get set to become an excellent archer.