Hunting with a rifle vs hunting with a bow and arrow

Since times immemorial, man has been hunting out animals for meat and enjoyment. Initially, hunting was done with bare hands. As time passed and weapons evolved, hunting methods became more and more sophisticated. From hunting with simple bow and arrow to hunting with rifles; we have come a long way indeed. The question here, however, is what weapon to use when you go out for a hunt? Should you stick to the traditional Bow and Arrow or should you go with a rifle?


To answer this question, we need to take into account a lot of factors. Both the weapons have their own pros and cons and for a beginner, it is really difficult to choose between one. Let’s examine various aspects of both the weapon classes here.


Skills play a major role when it comes to hunting. Hunting with a bow and arrow takes a lot of skill indeed. Therefore, whenever a hunter wants to sharpen his motor skills, he prefers a bow and arrow to a rifle. Hunting with a rifle is easy when compared to hunting with a bow. Rifles have scopes and all you need to do is keep steady and press the trigger. A bow demands a lot of hand-eye coordination and speedy motor reflexes to hunt.


Another factor that plays into the favor of a bow is stealth. A bow is one of the quietest weapons out there. A missed rifle shot will alert all the animals in the region while a missed bow shot would not alert any. Rifles do have suppressors to suppress the sound, however, the muzzle flash generally gives them away. Using a bow and arrow, a hunter can blend into his natural surrounding and would not have to worry about being seen or being heard due to a missed shot.


Then comes the issue of fairness. To be honest, hunting using a bow and arrow is actually fair to the animal being hunted. Imagine this; you take a good rifle to hunt. You get into position and focus your scope onto the animal. Now all that is left to do is press the trigger. The hunt is over. The animal didn’t get a chance to escape. On the contrary, hunting with a bow requires more patience and expertise. You have to wait for the animal to be in your hunting range. Then you have to silently load your bow and wait for the perfect moment. When the opportunity is right, you release the arrow. Even that does not guarantee that the animal will be killed. Hunting with a bow and arrow, therefore, gives the animal a fair chance at survival, which it rightly deserves.


To sum up, both the weapons are very effective in hunting. One is traditional while the other one is modern. However, when it comes to factors like improving skills and hunting the animal in a fair way, bow and arrow take the lead.