Is a range finder a must have for hunting?

A Range finder helps you to spot your target. It lets you to find out the exact distance between you and your target, which ultimately increases your chances of success.

Whether you are hunting in the woods or open ground, most of your time will be spent in gazing around and finding your prey. From a distance, it might be difficult to choose your standing spot and the right shot. With a binocular and rangefinder, when you know the exact distance between you and your prey, this process is lot easier.

A couple of rabbits hopping around and eating grass, some squirrels or crows perching on the tree, some bucks passing in front of you, will give you a perfect moment to aim your practiced shot and enjoy your hunting trip. You will need a ranger do underscore your chances of success. Here are some of the preferred range finders to help you in hunting down your target

Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile ARC:  This is one of best binoculars available, ultimate in efficiency, in the market. It has ability to find a target moving at a distance of 10 to 1760 yards. This is fusion model combining binoculars and inbuilt world leading laser finding capabilities. It has very fast laser that operates quickly at the press of a button. It comes in two modes: bow mode and rifle mode. Bow mode helps you to deliver in horizontal direction. Rifle mode provides exact bullet drop information. It features anti-fog coating and a fully water proof design ensures reliability and clarity in all the weather conditions.


Leica Geovid: This is another one of best shooter’s devices available in the market. It has a shooting range from 10 to 2000 yards. This product is the winner of several awards for its features and quality. It is built with customizable ballistic curves. Shooter can choose from different curves for load via micro SD card, with its inbuilt computing capability It has a high quality optical glass, best in its class and a cutting edge prism system. It has extremely wide field of view, but this is an expensive product.


There are many more products available on the market. Above are few of the best. You must find your own option to enjoy your hunting trip to the fullest.  All in all, range finder with built in with binoculars is a wonderful product, a must have for the all-time hunter. So if can do anything for the love of game hunting, it is worth spending some money.