What type of hunting bow should I get?

Archery has become a recent fad with the rise of “The Hunger Games” series as well as the number of people who finally realize that it is one way to have a clean fun that will challenge not only your physical strength but your precision, concentration and aiming skills too.

For those people who are into archery, especially those who are beginners, one important question that comes to mind is, “What type of hunting bow should I get?” I believe that knowing the type of hunting bow you need is a first step you must take since it will serve as your foundation for the entire duration of the sport. After all, it will be your bow, which will become your constant companion all throughout the entire hunting process.Bow types

First, you need to determine whether you want a traditional or a compound bow. When we say traditional, it really means traditional with only a curved stick and a string. Traditional bows are best for those people who are on a tight budget because it will cost lesser compared to the conventional one. But if ever, you want to improve on speed as well as achieve high accuracy and range for your target, then a compound bow should be your choice. It is composed of wheels or pulleys that helps you in achieving what you really want to achieve.

Secondly, you need to determine whether you are left-handed or right-handed. When choosing a bow, a left-handed person should have a left handed-bow, while a right-handed person must have a right-handed bow. You need to understand that in the world of archery, a right hand bow is held by your left hand and pulled back by your right hand; while the left hand bow is the opposite. It is important for you to note that you should choose the bow based on the hand that pulls the string and not on the hand that holds the bow.hunting bow

Thirdly, will you use the bow for hunting purposes only? Or do you want to use it for target shooting? Or perhaps both? If you want to have a bow mainly for target shooting, then you need to have a longer axle-to-axle bow, which is in the 34-36 inches range.

Meanwhile, for those who want to hunt with a bow, you can use any axle-to-axle lengths and braces. However, you need to keep in mind the condition and place where you will hunt so that you know the distance that you need to cover for a successful hunting.

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